In 2016 Ray Lewis brought the BadminFun programme to Wrexham from New Zealand. BadminFun is an after school badminton program offering the opportunity for Primary School children to play badminton.


BadminFun sessions usually take place directly after school on the school premises, providing a familiar and safe environment for children to try the sport.

BadminFun takes fundamental skill development and hides it in a learning environment which is disguised as a game.


BadminFun sessions are designed to provide children with a positive image of badminton, keeping children active and developing good sporting and learning behaviour, through players helping each other to become more skilful. 

Since its launch in Wrexham in 2016, BadminFun has been introduced to a number of schools in Wrexham. CLICK HERE to view the BadminFun Facebook page to see what the program can deliver.The Wrexham Schools involved in BadminFun are:

St Peters Primary School, Rossett

Ysgol Estyn Primary School, Rossett

If you would like to organise BadminFun sessions for your School or would like more information about BadminFun, please contact Ray by Email: