Flintshire Set for Shuttle Time

The first Shuttle Time Teacher's course of 2018 took place in the Local Authority of Flintshire, delivered by WBC Coach Luke Tanner. Eighteen candidates who work in a range of different environments, including Flintshire Sports Development, primary and secondary schools, club coaches and Leisure Centre staff, attended the course.

During the course, candidates learnt not only how to deliver badminton sessions to children using the Shuttle Time resources, but also valuable coaching tips to build their confidence and knowledge prior to going out to deliver badminton sessions in their community settings.

Tutor Luke Tanner commented, "It was great to see candidates from such a wide variety of sectors in the community, in which badminton can be delivered. This means that children will be able to access badminton more easily from a greater number of different environments. It also meant that during the course, the candidates used a variety of different ways in which Shuttle Time could be delivered to children, which will only further help the candidates to deliver Shuttle Time more confidently and effectively.”

On the back of this course, the Flintshire Sports Development Team will be holding a Shuttle Time festival on January 23rd for a number of primary schools across the County, which will give a large number of primary school children a chance to try badminton in one place.

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