TNW Sgiliau Badminton

Sgiliau Badminton

The NEW way project has developed Sgiliau Badminton which is a player award scheme that focuses on each stage of a junior players’ development.

​The aim of Sgiliau Badminton is:

  • To motivate junior players to improve their playing skills and knowledge of badminton.

  • To help coaches identify players needs quickly and effectively.

  • To help team selectors, whether it is Club or County, to quickly identify a player's skill level.

Sgiliau Badminton works on the principle that the primary focus of young players should be on skill development and not on winning. Winning is an outcome of a player performing skills well, so more players will be motivated if they orientated towards improving their skills, rather than trying to win. The scheme enables players to achieve various levels of success while becoming much more skillful players in the process.

​There are 10 Levels in Sgiliau Badminton, which are based around The NEW way coaching session plans provided. The coaches role is vital. Nothing in the scheme rewards a player who perform skills younger, faster, etc therefore the coach can ensure success for every player by encouraging them to be assessed at each level only when they are good enough to pass.

​Criteria: There is no age limit or time restrictions on preparation, but each Level must be taken in the stated order. At the coaches discretion, better players may begin with the Level that best fits their ability.