We Are WBC

We are WBC

We are the Club set to develop all things badminton in Wrexham, for everyone who wants to get involved whatever age, ability or gender. We love playing, watching and supporting badminton. We want everyone in Wrexham to do the same and become part of the badminton community, whether as a player, coach, volunteer or fan.

The unique qualities of badminton make it accessible and enjoyable for anyone and everyone. It also gives a great opportunity to become involved in a sport that can provide a great workout, friendships and competition and like many of the players we have worked with, can go on to represent their Country travelling throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the World.


Covering the Local Authority of Wrexham, we work collaboratively with our partners to provide traditional and innovative opportunities for all to be involved; from grass roots to high performance.

With making badminton the Number 1 sport at the heart of our ambitions, we are investing our knowledge and expertise to build a quality future for our sport, by strengthening and evolving badminton in Wrexham. Working toward providing badminton to as many as possible, for as long as possible, in the best environment possible, we believe this all inclusive approach is the way forward in achieving our goals.

We value and represent every single one of our members as one collective voice for WBC. As our membership grows, so will our influence as an organization, allowing us to invest more back into the core of the sport.

With millions playing every year, badminton is the UK’s favourite racket sport. We want to inspire everyone to play more, support louder and love badminton, from this generation to the next.